Estate Planning, Probate Administration and Business Counseling are our main practice areas at Valente Law, LLC. Proudly serving clients in Cuyahoga County, Summit County and surrounding areas.

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Business Counseling

Business Counseling and Corporate Counsel


Valente Law provides business counseling services to clients in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Medina and all surrounding areas.  As corporate counsel and a business law firm, we assist business owners and corporate executives in all aspects and stages of their businesses in Cuyahoga County, Summit County and the surrounding northeast Ohio area.

We provide corporate counsel to entrepreneurs and start-up companies and assist in corporate formation. We prepare articles of organization for limited liability companies, articles or incorporation for corporations, and bylaws, operating agreements, corporate resolutions, stock certificates, unit certificates and all other corporate documentation required to start a company. We file trademarks and copyrights and work with trusted patent attorneys to ensure our business clients’ intellectual property is protected. We assist our clients in securing licenses for their specific industries so they are in compliance with the state or specific agencies.

We provide business counseling services to existing businesses for general operations and transactions.  We assist business owners and executives during annual meetings and coordinate with their accountants to ensure their taxes are done properly. We draft and negotiate contracts and transactions so that our business owner clients get the best deals possible. We draft employment agreements, non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements to ensure they are protected. We do corporate collections for our clients so they get on their accounts receivable.  We can sit on the Board of Directors for our clients’ companies and, if the business owner client wishes, we can be hands-on and very involved in the day-to-day management of our clients’ businesses as corporate counsel.

We assist businesses as they prepare to sell their business and offer succession planning, exit planning and work with trusted business brokers to ensure our clients can sell their business when they want and get the most money possible when they sell.  We draft buy-sell agreements, stock transfer restriction agreements, asset purchase agreements and all other documents that are needed to get a business ready for sale and to effectuate the sale.