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Real Estate Lawyer Helping For Sale By Owner Sellers and Buyers Without Realtors


Real Estate Lawyer Helping For Sale By Owner Sellers and Buyers Without Realtors


Real Estate Lawyer

Cleveland, Akron Area Real Estate Lawyer Helping “For Sale By Owner”

As a Cleveland, Akron area real estate lawyer, more and more frequently we get calls from clients asking us if we can handle the legal paperwork to sell their homes!  We are happy to help! With Zillow and Trulia making it so easy to list your home for sale, a lot of people are deciding to sell by owner to save money by avoiding the realtor’s commission.

We are familiar with the real estate closing process and have helped many clients save money by selling their homes themselves.

Real Estate Lawyer Services

We can help negotiate the terms of the sale.  Then, we can draft the Real Estate Purchase Agreement.  Next, if any defects are found during the inspection we can help negotiate whether they will affect the terms of the sale.  Later, we can introduce you to title companies to help with the title search and title commitment.  There are usually disclosures that a seller must make, and we will help you make the disclosures.  Normally the title company prepares and files the deed, but if they don’t we can do this as well.

This area of law is very technical.  We are familiar with the Ohio Revised Code Real Property Title, and can make sure all requirements are met.

Save Money on Real Estate Sales

Realtors are expensive!  Usually 6% of the total value of the home goes to the real estate agents.  The commission is usually split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent, each getting 3%.  For most homes, paying a real estate lawyer to draft the documents and selling the home yourself will end up being much cheaper!

We Help Real Estate Buyers, Too

Even though it’s usually the seller that hires us, we can also work for the buyer and make sure they are getting a fair deal.  Our firm understands the process and is familiar with the local customs. We can help you avoid being taken advantage of by a shady real estate agent or a tough for sale by owner seller. From negotiating the price, to reviewing the purchase agreement, negotiating inspection defects and assisting in the closing, we can help make sure you get a fair deal when buying real estate.

Real Estate Lawyer for Business Owner

We work with many small business owners and help them buy and sell real estate for their companies. Check out more information on our business lawyer services here and check here for more real estate lawyer information.  If you are business owner looking to buy or sell real estate for your business we can help make sure your business gets the best deal possible.

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