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Types of Real Estate Lawsuits Handled by Real Estate Dispute Lawyer


Types of Real Estate Lawsuits Handled by Real Estate Dispute Lawyer


Real Estate Lawsuit Lawyer Guide to Potential Real Estate Litigation

Valente Law is a law firm offering real estate lawsuit lawyer services to clients with real estate disputes.  We can help stop these problems before they escalate to a real estate lawsuit.  In other cases, we act as the real estate litigation lawyer and file the lawsuit and handle the trial.  If you have any questions regarding our real estate attorney services, please take a look at our main real estate law page, and contact us with any additional questions.

Real Estate Attorney Explains Real Estate DisputesTypes of Real Estate Lawsuits We Can Handle for You

As real estate lawsuit lawyer for many clients, we have researched and have experience dealing with the following main types of real estate disputes. The Ohio Revised Code Real Estate Actions chapter contains information on filing real estate lawsuits.

1. Quiet Title Actions

A quiet title action is a real estate lawsuit where the Plaintiff asks the court to decide which party has rights to the real estate.  If more than 1 person claims ownership over a piece of real estate, you file a quiet title action and the court will review the real estate title documents and determine who is the rightful owner.

2. Breach of Contract

If someone signs a real estate contract, and fails to comply with the terms of the contract then you file a Breach of Contract case.  A breach of contract case states that the parties had a contract, and that 1 party breached the contract by failing to comply with it.  In real estate matters, it is common for a seller or buyer to breach a Real Estate Purchase Agreement.

3. Breach of Lease

If a tenant or landlord fails to comply with the terms of a lease, then you file a breach of lease lawsuit.  Breach of Lease lawsuits are basically just a specific type of breach of contract.

4. Failure to Disclose

In Ohio, sellers of residential real estate have a statutory duty to disclose certain defects in the property.  If they fail to disclose a defect which is required to be disclosed, then you can file a failure to disclose real estate defects lawsuit.

5. Fraud

If a party to a real estate contract uses fraud, then you can sue them for the fraud.  Real estate fraud can include concealing a defect, lying about certain conditions of the real estate, substituting documents during closing so that someone signs the wrong document.  In real estate lawyer fraud cases, this can include fraudulent concealment, fraudulent inducement, and other types of fraud.

6. Rescission

Rescission is a type of real estate lawsuit claim where you ask the court to totally reverse the agreement as if it never happened.  Since real estate is so unique, courts allow wronged parties to walk away from the deal if another party commits fraud or other wrongdoing.  The goal of a real estate rescission lawsuit is to put the wronged party back in the exact position it was prior to executing the contract.

Hire a Real Estate Lawsuit Lawyer to Help Resolve Your Real Estate Legal Dispute

We are here to help you resolve your real estate dispute in a way that is fair to you.  We are familiar with all the types of cases discussed here and many more.  Please call us today at (330) 665-5000 to discuss your potential real estate lawsuit with a real estate lawyer.