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What is a Business Consultant


What is a Business Consultant


What is a Business Consultant?

As Hudson, Ohio Business Consultant and a business law firm, we are well qualified to answer “what is a business consultant.”  We will answer that question and more in this article, and if you are interested in reading more check out our main Hudson, Ohio Business Consultant page.

A business consultant is a person who provides business advice for a consulting fee.  Business consultants are usually hired to supplement the business’s in-house staff, to tackle a specific project, or evaluate a specific issue.  Business Consultants are not the same as contractors or employees.  Consultants generally a lot of control over how they perform their work.

Hudson, Ohio Business Consultant FAQWhat do Business Consultants Do?

Commonly, consultants will be hired to help a start-up get up and running.  Other times, a consultant may be hired to help introduce a new product line, or evaluate the potential demand for a new product line.  A consultant is normally assigned a specific goal or task.

What are the Most Common Business Consulting Services

Business consulting services run the gamut and cover just about every aspect of business management, but here are some of the most common, grouped in closely overlapping areas.  Bookkeeping, Accounting, Financial Statements, Tax, Audit.  Information technology, and security. Communications, digital marketing and social media.  Human resources, employment benefits, recruiting.  Business writing, business plans, grant applications.  Insurance, investments.  Legal, succession planning, corporate compliance, privacy compliance.

What Characteristics Make a Good Business Consultant?

Business consultants should be familiar with many aspects of business. Ideally a business consultant will have been a business owner him/herself.  Business consultants should be leaders, critical thinkers, good communicators, good at working with other, and be able to think creatively to solve problems and innovate. A business, management, marketing, accounting, legal, sales background usually carries over well to business consulting.  Business consultants should be familiar with the Ohio laws governing business.  Likewise, good business consultants should be familiar with at least the basics of corporate taxation and the IRS requirements.

Hire a Hudson, Ohio Business Consultant!

We are here to help and often go beyond what most would consider normal business law and venture into what could be considered business consulting.  Our background in business law gives us a unique advantage over most business consultants. We offer free consultations to all new business owner and entrepreneur clients.  And we want to hear from you! Call us today at (330) 665-5000 to get started!