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Brecksville, Ohio Real Estate Lawyer


Brecksville, Ohio Real Estate Lawyer


Brecksville, Ohio Real Estate Lawyer

Valente Law’s Brecksville, Ohio Real Estate Lawyer offers real estate lawyer services through its Brecksville, Ohio real estate attorney. Our real estate legal services include drafting deeds and transferring real estate. We can also help resolve real estate disputes between co-owners. For more information, check out our main real estate law page.

More details on the services we provide and specific information for Brecksville, Ohio follows.

Brecksville, Ohio Real Estate Deeds

Real estate in Brecksville, Ohio will be transferred from the Grantor to the Grantee on a transfer document, usually called a deed.  There are many types of deeds.  Here is a list of some of the more common types of deeds. Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5302 outlines common ways to transfer real estate in Ohio.

Brecksville, Ohio Quit Claim Deed

A quit claim deed for Brecksville, Ohio will transfer the Grantor’s ownership rights, but not provide any warranty to the Grantee.

Brecksville, Ohio General Warranty Deed

Real estate transferred through a General Warranty Deed in Brecksville, Ohio will contain general warranties regarding the title and property.

Brecksville, Ohio Transfer on Death Designation

A Transfer on Death Designation for Brecksville real estate will automatically transfer ownership of the property upon the death of the current owner to the beneficiary. TOD designations are covered by the Transfer on Death Designation Law ORC 5302.23.

Real Estate Litigation

We handle real estate law suits and help resolve real estate disputes.  Common real estate disputes included landlord tenant disputes, evictions, foreclosures, encroachments, partition actions. We can help you review your case, and enforce your rights. Whether it’s a residential real estate matter, or a commercial development project, our Brecksville, Ohio real estate lawyer can assist you.

All foreclosures in Brecksville are governed by Ohio law and are usually pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 2323.07 and the rest of ORC Chapter 2329.

Garfield Heights Municipal Court handles all Brecksville, Ohio evictions. Take notice of Garfield Heights Municipal Court Local Rule 33, which provides:

Rule 33. Forcible entry and detainer actions 
(A) Claims for forcible entry and detainer and claims for past due rent and money damages must be filed as separate counts in a single complaint and the court shall hear each count separately.

(B) Actions in forcible entry and detainer shall be set for hearing before a judge or magistrate no more than ten days after the issuance of summons.

(C) At the conclusion of the hearing on the first count, the judge or magistrate shall file a judgment entry and cause a copy to be served upon all parties.

(D) If a second count for money damages has been filed, the hearing on the same shall be scheduled within sixty days of the hearing on the first count. The judge or magistrate shall file a judgment entry and cause a copy to be served upon all parties.

(E) Jury demands in forcible entry and detainer actions shall be filed and notice given to all parties not later than three business days before the trial date. A jury demand must be accompanied by payment of jury costs in accordance with Local Rule 24(D). Such a demand automatically continues the case and the moving party must post bond in accordance with R.C. 1928.08.

Brecksville, Property Taxes

All  Brecksville real estate is charged property tax by the City of Brecksville.

Brecksville, Ohio Zoning

The Brecksville Zoning Department is responsible for enforcing zoning regulations. More information can be found on the official Brecksville City Hall site.

Here is a Brecksville, Ohio Zoning Map, as published by the City of Brecksville Zoning Map Review By Brecksville, Ohio Lawyer


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