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Business Consultants – Business Advice Beyond the Law


We Offer Business Consulting Services Similar to a Specific Business Consultant

We offer a full complement of business consulting services.  As a business law firm, we represent many business owners.  Our business consultant and attorney service to our clients goes beyond just legal work.  Rather, we take a comprehensive approach and do whatever we can to help them achieve success. In many cases, we operate as de facto business consultants.

Business Consulting Services

We provide, facilitate or play other roles for our business owner clients in the following services which are commonly known as business consulting.

Business Law Consulting

First off, as a law firm focusing heavily on business law, our business consulting services normally start on the legal end.  This involves assisting in all corporate legal duties from start up all the way to sale.  To break this down further:

1. Start-Ups Legal Formation

We help start ups with their corporate formation.  Taking care of filing the Articles of Organization, Drafting the Operating Agreement, and other formation related documents.  We obtain the TIN number and coordinate that with the accountant.  Next, we make sure we have secured any necessary licenses and permits.  This could also include negotiating and drafting the legal paperwork for the office property lease or purchase agreement. These are the most common business consulting services dealing with business law issues, and we can help create a comprehensive business plan.  The Ohio Secretary of State manages businesses within Ohio.  Most laws regarding business are contained in Article 17 of the Ohio Revised Code.

2. Business Consultant for Business Plan

Business Consultant for Business Plan

We can help you write your business plan.  Through working with business owners all the time, we know how to prepare a business plan that properly conveys your message and is persuasive enough to achieve the intended result.  A business plan should address a standard set of topics that apply to most all businesses, and all topics specific to your business. We can write your business plan for you.

3. Business Management Consultant

As a business law firm, we have had many opportunities to draft legal documents for the ongoing management and transactions of a business, but we go further with our business consulting services.  We can help you manage your business in ways beyond drafting documents. Examining financial statements and looking for areas of improvement. Setting appropriate goals, and implementing a plan of accountability for meeting the goals.  Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business. By using the team of professionals we’ve assembled, we can help with finance, funding, accounting, and more management related business consulting services.

Additionally, we can help you identify skills that you need to learn or hire people if necessary. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror first, and improve your own skills, before you can really make progress on your business.

4. Business Accounting Consulting Services

Are you behind on you accounting?  You’re not alone.  We can help you get your bookkeeping and accounting up to date.  Once we get the accounting up to date, we can prepare accurate business financials.  Then we can really examine the business by using the financials.  If you don’t have proper accounting, you are running you business blind.  We can help you with these and other business accounting consulting services. If your taxes are behind, we can help you get caught up with the IRS and work with accountants to help lower your overall tax bill.

5. Business Marketing Consulting

It is important that you stand out from your competitors by implementing a strong business marketing plan.  Your marketing should focus on positioning your business and brand in the light that you want it to be seen.

First, we need to look internally at the nature of your business.  By examining your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we can start to set objectives for our marketing plan.  Then, after looking internally at the business, you need to look externally at the market factors, marketing opportunities, avenues of engagement.  Next, you need to weigh the cost verse the potential benefit.  By setting a marketing budget, you can help ensure your approach is sustainable.

Marketing can be trial by error sometimes, but the important thing is that you are actively examining your current marketing and ways to improve it, and we can help in this process.

6. Focus on What’s Working, Find Your Niche

A lot of times, our business owner clients need to focus on certain aspects of their business and refine their business.  Sometimes less is more.  By focusing on the most profitable or most scaleable aspects of the business, we can help achieve the success that wouldn’t be possible if we were chasing every possible option.

7. Examine Your Employees, Contractors and Affiliates

Is everyone on your business team pulling their weight?  From the front office secretary to the CEO, everyone in the business needs to be a value to the business. First you need to examine the intended roles of everyone in your business.  Then you need to examine what these individuals are actually doing.  In many cases, what they are actually doing, and what they were supposed to be doing are different things.  Are your suppliers offering competitive prices.  Are your referral affiliates helping you as much as you are helping them? We can help you examine the people associated with your business and help find a replacement if necessary.

8. Business Consulting for Succession Planning and Exit Planning

Selling a business is one of the biggest moments of most business owners’ lives.  After spending a lifetime building your business, making sure it is ready to be sold and appeals to the right buyers is extremely important.  There are things we can do to improve the value of the business.  Making sure all of the intellectual property is secured adds value.  Securing favorable contracts with employees, suppliers, clients and other third parties add value. Cutting unnecessary expenses and anything that’s borderline personal benefit, like for instance, a company car or entertainment budget.

Hire Valente Law for these Business Consultant Services

We approach our engagements with our clients in a manner which most of our peers don’t.  We strive to make deeper connections and help with more than what some people may think of as legal work that a business attorney would do.  Call Valente Law at (330) 665-5000 to get started as your business consultant.