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Start Up Businesses


Do You Have an Entrepreneurial Startup Business Dream?

Do you have an idea or dream that you want to turn into a business?  Tired of working your 9 to 5 and stressing over your job that pays you a menial salary, while your boss or business owner gets all the reward and recognition?  You don’t have to be stuck in this rat race for the rest of your life.

Starting a business can be a bit risky.  No doubt about it. But if you do it right, make smart moves and put the right people in place to help you, you can accomplish your biggest goals.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Valente Law provides legal counsel to dreamers and entrepreneurs ready to take life by the horns and turn their dreams into reality.  We help start up businesses to take the leap from having an idea and dream to turning it into a business and success story.

Startup Business Lawyer and Corporate Counsel for Entrepreneurs

As a startup business lawyer, we take care of the technicalities and legalities so you can focus on the bigger picture.  From drafting corporate formation documents, to getting licenses in place, we can help alleviate a lot of the burden of creating a startup business. We also can help you with your business plan and executive strategies, so that when you are ready to pitch your business to a potential investor or client, you put yourself in position to succeed.

We’ve developed a team of trusted professionals to jump in and help get your business up and running.  We are always happy to work with your team if you have one, but if you are starting from scratch, we can plug you into our pipeline and overnight you will have a team of accountants, business consultants, financial advisers, bankers, insurance carriers and other important connections to propel you forward.  With connections all over the greater Cleveland, Ohio and Akron, Ohio areas we can help put the right team together for you.  We know where to find the financing to get your business off the ground.  Through our connections with lenders and public agencies that provide grant money to new business, it will make the process much less daunting.  With the doors we open for you, you will be able to get the capital you need to finance your startup business.

Entrepreneurs’ Startup Business Hurdles We Help With

Entrepreneurs need support, and Valente Law can help entrepreneurs get through these initial hurdles standing in the way of every startup business, including:

  1. Corporate Formation
  2. Initial Corporate Resolutions
  3. Operating Agreement/Bylaws
  4. Licensure
  5. Financing and Capital Procurement
  6. Organizing a Team of Trusted Professionals all Throughout the Cleveland, Akron, Ohio Areas
  7. Writing Your Business Plan
  8. Preparing You to Pitch Your Business to Potential Clients and Investors
  9. Executive Level Strategizing to Evaluate Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities

Take Control of Your Life and Future and Follow Your Dream!  We Are Here to Help!

Step by step and brick by brick, we will help you turn your dream into a full fledged, successful business.  Valente Law is helping Cleveland and Akron area entrepreneurs follow their dreams and start their own businesses all the time! The only thing holding you back is yourself and your fear of failure.  We’ve been there ourselves.  Our client have been there.  We can help get you past this point and achieve your goals. Call Valente Law today at (330) 665-5000 to get the startup business legal help you need!