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Brecksville, Ohio Estate Planning Lawyer for Wills and Trusts


Brecksville, Ohio Estate Planning Lawyer Explains Wills & Trusts

Valente Law has a Brecksville, Ohio estate planning lawyer offering estate planning services including Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney authorizations, and more. Every adult should have a Will. Wills become even more important when someone has children. Trusts are great estate planning tools for people with significant wealth or have other complexities. Most estate plans also include health care planning documents, like a Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will, HIPAA Authorization, and others.

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Will Lawyer for Brecksville, Ohio Residents

Wills are extremely important for every adult.  All adults should have a Will.  All parents should have a Will. Even the most basic estate plans include Wills.

Purpose of a Will:

The purpose of a Will is to do the following. (1) direct what should happen to your assets upon your death, (2) identify who should manage and distribute your estate, and (3) identify who should be appointed as the guardian of your children.  Of course a Will has many other provisions, but these are the most important to most people.

Limitations of a Will:

A standard Will has severe limitations. Generally, a Will calls for a one time lump sum payment to the heirs. A Will also does not avoid probate court.  Avoiding probate court is one of the best advantages of a Trust, but not available through a Will.

Decedent estates for residents of Brecksville, Ohio are in the Cuyahoga County Probate Court

Trust Lawyer in Brecksville, Ohio

Trusts are the best estate planning tool for most people, and our Brecksville, Ohio Trust lawyer can set up your Trust for you. A Trust is not needed for everyone. A basic estate plan does not include a Trust. A Trust is a more advanced planning device, and provides great value. A Trust provides, privacy, efficiency, probate avoidance, and a lasting legacy for your loved ones.

Strengths of a Trust (Revocable Living Trust)

Valente Law’s Brecksville, Ohio Trust lawyer recommends Trusts because of the following great benefits. First, Trusts allow you to avoid probate court.  Probate court is the expensive, stressful, public process of inventorying the Decedent’s assets, pay debts, and distribute the remaining assets. If you have a Trust, you can totally avoid probate court! That alone makes Trusts worthwhile for many people.  Additionally, a Trust also allows for distribution of assets over a long period of time. Yet another great benefit is that a Trust can provide asset protection benefits. Trusts are  100% private.

Power of Attorney From Brecksville, Ohio Estate Planning Lawyer

A Power of Attorney is a document which allows you to appoint an agent to help you with your personal affairs.  You can use a Power of Attorney to give someone access to write checks for you, execute contracts for you, and make other decisions for you. A POA is a helpful document and is included in most estate plans.

Brecksville, Ohio is a Great City for Estate Planning Lawyer!

Brecksville, Ohio has a strong population size, at over 13,000.  The city of Brecksville has many high net worth individuals, and we are happy to help clients with high net worth estate planning. Conveniently, Brecksville is also centrally located and accessible from all Cleveland suburbs.

With our law office in Brecksville, Ohio, we are close to most areas in the Cleveland, Ohio and Akron, Ohio areas.

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