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Designing & Implementing Your Estate Plan


Valente Law counsels estate planning clients in all aspect of designing and implementing their estate plan.  Whether the plan contains a will, revocable living trusts, or more complex plans involving a combination of irrevocable trusts and businesses, we can help put together the right mix of estate planning tools to solve your unique needs.  We help design the estate plan, then draft it to fit exactly what you need.  We will walk you through all of the estate planning documents and explain everything in simple, straight forward terms.  Valente Law offers services in the Cleveland and Akron areas for designing and implementing estate plans.

Our usual process includes:

  1. Reviewing your unique situation and your personal goals and concerns
  2. Designing your estate plan to solve your specific needs
  3. Drafting the Estate Planning Documents
  4. Explaining all the Estate Planning Documents to You
  5. Walking you through the Signing and Implementing Your Estate Plan
  6. Funding the Trust
  7. Protecting Assets

Every client is different, but this is what most estate planning engagements include.  Sometime this takes 2 meetings, other times, with more complex cases, it can be up to 3 to 5 meetings to get everything in place.  We normally host the meetings in our main office in Hudson, Ohio, but have additional office space in Beachwood, Ohio and Brooklyn Heights, Ohio if these are more convenient locations.  And from time to time, if a client is not mobile, or if arranging childcare is difficult, we go to our clients homes so that the process is as convenient and smooth as possible.  The bottom line is, we do whatever it takes to get the right plan in place for our estate planning clients.

If you want a deeper look into estate planning with Wills and Trusts, take a look at our main Wills, Trusts and estate planning page.  Call Valente Law today at (330) 665-5000 to discuss your estate planning needs.  We offer free consultations, so you have nothing to lose.  We are here to help!